Thursday, September 5, 2019

Ouch It's a Scorcher! - Walkee Paws Review

Here in North Texas we have truly been in the dog days of summer with several 100 degree days in a row.  This leads to the sidewalks and driveways are sizzling hot.  Much too hot for tiny paws.

Thankfully I have a set of Walkee Paws to help protect my feets from the heats.

Lets go for a stroll shall we?!?!?

5 Seconds and 1 pee later...MOMMA IM HOT!

I wanna go back inside now.  Even though I am hot my feet are the perfect temperature.

In review not only are Walkee Paws great for wet weather they double as great protection from hot pavement too.  They are mulitfunctional, stylish and easy to wear.  Walkee Paws you have created an incredible product and we have you 8 paws up from Life with Lucy and Poppy Blog.


*Disclaimer I was sent this product in exchange for my honest review.*

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