Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Weekends At Doggy Nanny's

While day care is closed we have been spending our weekends visiting Aunt Gracie....

....exploring the back yard...

...watching for rogue sheep...

...playing some fun games of chase and bitey face!

 Once our fun is over we are often spotted snoozing away.  Poppy in her comfy chair.

Me passed out on the hardwoods.

 You see there is an airvent under our window perch and I get a nice cold blast in this spot.  :)

On the way home we are in similar positions.  Me with my face in the air vent and Poppy resting on a fluffy surface.  BOL!

Lucy and Poppy


  1. Phod is more of a floor pup while Lee loves the fluffy spot. Looks like a fun place to visit.

  2. Sheep?? Wow, y'all have interesting things to see!