Saturday, October 17, 2020

A Charlie Brown Display

 We went on a last moment evening drive with no particular end point in mind.  Just a drive.  Well we turned down a street we had never been on and it led us to the WF Museum of Art. 

Down at the pavilion they had a large piece of Charlie Brown Art that was part of show that the Museum was putting on.  

A couple days and a baff later....Here we are!  We came by on an early Sunday morning and it was a crisp 57 degrees....just perfect for a photoshoot. 

This was really special to momma.  Peanuts was her mom Cindy's favorite cartoon.  Miss Cindy is in heaven now and momma thinks this is a sign from her.  We were meant to find it.  She is still watching over us.  

We even had a little audience of 2 ducks.  

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