Thursday, October 22, 2020

A Fall, Some Ant Bites, and New Porch Toys?

 Last Saturday was one for the record books but not for anything good.  We got up furry early (ok it was 10 am but for a weekend thats early) to go to Doggy Nanny's house.  We were going to do pictures, groom gracie, play in the yard and see if we could score some snacks from Doggy Nanny.  We parked, loaded up, leashed up and headed for the door when disaster struck.  Momma fell on the little cobblestone sidewalk.  She fell on her elbow/shoulder and scuffed her face.  In the fall her glasses flew off before her face hit the stones so they didn't break.  She managed to hold on to my leash so I didn't run away on the busy street.  The new camera we were blessed with had been kept in the padded camera case and had no damage whatsoever.  God literally had his hands on us and our belongings in this fall.  Momma walked away with just very minor bumps and bruises.

Doggy Nanny doctored her up and we sat outside for a while to relax while momma calmed down.  I was sunning myself when all of a sudden I felt something biting me.  I ran up to momma for help and we discovered little red ants all over my leggie and in my armpit area.  We got them off and didn't think of them again.  

(not actual ant that bit me....a paid actor)

Momma partially groomed Gracie, did some technical stuffs for grandpa, and they had lunch.  After while we headed home and momma made sure to walk super carefully on that cobblestone patch.  We made it back home safely but spotted something odd on our porch.  Remember we share a porch but the last we knew (we actually havent seen anyone coming or going in quite some time) our neighbors were young 20 somethings.  Well there was an array of fun baby toys on the porch.  Lucy was furry interested.

No sooner than we got inside and put our bags away the toys were gone.  We never heard anyone outside and we have like super sonic hearing...we hear and bark at everything.  STRANGE.  But it is spooky season so ya know.

As bed time drew closer it was time to get me jam jams on and this is what we found.

Red bumps where we found the ants earlier.  Momma said I am one brave puppy.  I didn't cry or complain once that my arm was sore or hurting.  

I was then flipped over given benedryl to combat the allergic reaction.  I didn't care for that but I suppose it did make me feel better so it was ok.

By morning momma was feeling sore but ok.  Her head scratch wasn't throbbing anymore.  My bumps were just small red dots and I felt super.  


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