Monday, October 12, 2020

Spotlight Wichita Falls - Parks and Green Spaces

 Wichita Falls has a wonderful parks department.  This department is responsible for 37 parks/greenspaces, the circle trail (a walking/biking/jogging trail that  is spans  across the whole city) as well as beautifying the medians within the city limits.  I love how much effort the city and workers put into making this city inviting and pretty. 

A part of the circle trail off Scott St.

Central Park on Scott St. 

One of many playgrounds.  This one is Weeks Park on Midwestern.

Lucy Park which is part of the nature trail, has lots of playground equipment, a duck pond, large open green spaces and  wild life.

One of the medians with an ornamental pepper plant off Iowa Park Road. 

Of course my favorite park is the one by Doggy Nanny's house.  Its got the best equipment to play on.



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