Thursday, October 15, 2020

Played A Little Too Hard At Doggy Nanny's House

 We went to Doggy Nanny's over the weekend as we usually do but this time we brought toys!  We loaded up some boxes and my momma scented glove to practice Handler Discrimination.  With the cancelliation of the Aug trial we haven't practiced this element like we should have.  TSK Tsk on momma!!!

(Scent Work Hack:  Using pen/pencil/sharpies boxes work just as well and take up less room)

I had a blast and was spot on finding mommas glove at Doggy Nanny's house.  No pics we were focused on practice. 

Post practice this happened.

Poppy, meanwhile, was surrounded by her favorite daycare toys and watched for rogue animals.  One Sammy was spotted across the street.  He recieved furious borks.  That is all!

We played in the back yard, Uncle Teddy joined the pawty and we all had a fabulous time.  Once we arrived back home this happened.  I tucked myself into bed and went night night.  

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