Thursday, October 8, 2020

Always On Patrol and My Naughty Necklace

 Momma recently found that my pink harness had a broken buckle from my "lunging and bad behavior".  Well its either I bark and protect my family or we all get eaten alive by cats, but I digress.  That makes 3 buckles (1 harness and 2 collars) I have busted in recent months.  So now I have a new to me (lucy paw-me-down) naughty necklace collar that has a metal buckle.  Its day-glow yellow.  How lovely!  Not.  It doesn't even match any of my jam jams.  

But Alas my patrols must go on.  Checking for cats.  Good here.

Checking for suspicious people in the parking lot...we had a close one but upon further inspection and a good bork session it was just the nurses that live upstairs.  

Once we have done our business its time to come inside remove the naughty necklace, get suppers and settle in for the evening.  This particular night I fell sleep using Lucy's back leg as my pillow.  I love having a fluffy sisfur!



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