Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Spotlight Wichita Falls - Ornamental Structures

Down Town Wichita Falls is just full of art and fun structures.  One set of structures we noticed were the tiny houses in the medians.  We searched online and came up empty handed on results.  Delving deeper we contacted the parks department to see if they could help us find information.  We got quite the history lesson.  Dating back about 35 years ago Mr. Jack Murphy was over the parks department and he wanted to make the time spent waiting at the lights better for citizens.  He didn't want citizens to have to stare at the big ugly traffic control cabinets.   He would bring napkin drawings back from lunch to see if his colleges if they could build them.  They had their work cut out for them but with everyone working together over the drafting table they were able to come up with unique structures to implement his dream.  Each year they built different structures at the intersections and added in some beautiful landscaping to make the intersections even nicer.  I posed here with the Lanturn House at the entrance to Lucy Park.  

The Clock Tower

The Pagoda

The English Cottage

The Castle

The water wheel house.

Last but not least my favorite the Santa Fe Jail House.

To see all our wonderful ornamental structures and get a short history about each one click here.