Saturday, September 2, 2023

I Got Called Lucy!

 Seeing as I have been big and brave lately...I found a new spot in the car that I like.  Its the center console.  But momma called me the oddest thing.  She said "Oh Lucy!"

Momma my name is Cora...Coco bean!


I sowwy momma I didn't mean it.  

Momma told me that Lucy was a special girl in her life.  She was her co pilot....and now Im taking that co pilot spot.  Momma said its ok....someone needs to keep us on the right track.  And well Lucy had a paw in sending me to my family....theres no other way to say it.  So Im happy to fill those paws.  But boy they are big paws to fill.  Momma says I act just  like her when we get home scrambling to get out of the car first.....walking all by myself to the fence.  Prancing in like I own the place.  Im glad I can make momma smile again.  Poppy said for a while all she did was cry.  So Ill be Cora Lucy Coco....what ever you want to call me.  


Tiny Co-pilot

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