Thursday, September 21, 2023

The New Doggie Corner

 Momma and her reorganization.  BOL!  

Im used to it by now so I just roll with it.

Cora...she was well suspicious as could be!

Moments later....

...she bolted!  

She decided to store her old collar/leash collection in the clear boxes so she could still see them and display them.   

We stored our winter wear and less used items in the grey bin.  You know we only get like 3 super cold/snow days a season here in texas.

We put our everyday needed items (hoodies, shirts, jam jams, rain coats etc) in these small containers.  This way they are easily accessible and divided out by dog.  (Yes those are doggie diapers in Cora's box.  We got some just in case she comes into heat before her spay.

.  We do need to get rid of mommas clothes but here is the final product.  Diaper bag and carrier on top of Cora's lair.  Coras lair with soft fuzzy blankie.  On the shelving unit we have mommas collar/leash collection on the left above that is our every day containers.  to the right of that is our winter wear bucket, scale, and extra fuzzy blankies.  

Its nice having our own space.


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