Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Recall Training and Finding Cora's Motivator

 Mommas calling...I better go...

Look momma no paws!

I have arrived!

2nd time....

Yes Momma.

Treats please.

Wait squirrel!

Focus Poppy you got this.

Its so hard to focus.....But I did it.

Speaking of training....Mommas had a difficult time finding a good motivator for Cora.  She likes treats but they dont excite her.  Its beyond me.  But a good ol stand by of wet food in the squirt tube....we need a better name.  Anyhoo....

We got the old pink bottle filled and its proved to be quite the motivator.  Cora in the house is responding to recall furry well.  Bonus I get some to and boy is it yummy!

Poppy wanna play?

"Cora Come"

Hang on Pop....Mommas calling me.

yes momma

ok here I come.

Treat please!

I like this game.  Im gonna wait here and see if she calls me again


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