Saturday, September 30, 2023

Momma Quit her Job!!!!

 This is not a drill!  She boxed up her work supplies.

She took down all our doggie stuffs.

Her coworkers threw her a going away birthday combo pawty!  How sweet!

Sweet good byes!

Going 10-8 from water distribution.  Momma said she cried all the way home. 

Turns out Miss HR LADY needed mommas skills in another department that offered more green papers for her experience.  So momma accepted a position at the sanitation department within the city as a Senior Admin Clerk.  

She was furry nervous the first day.

First things first....add a pink water meter, kennel tag and portrait to the desk.  Then pull out all the invoices for all departments.  EEK that was a bad idea!

After a mass entry of invoices the desk was cleaner and the decor was put in its final place.

Couple pink things over here and she was right at home.

Thankfully there were many cloudy and rainy days to lift her spirits

Now instead of muddy trucks she sees garbage trucks.

Big and small all day long!

Momma said it was hard leaving her coworkers, but something told her this was the right move and in the end its a lot less work but more pay so thats a win win in our book.  Less work for momma means a happier momma and more green papers means more treats!!!!!  


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