Monday, September 4, 2023

I Match Sissy!!!!!

 Lookie I got pink fun mail.  I may or may not have gone on mommas phone one night and found where Poppy got her western ear tag dog tag and ordered my furry own.  Like ive said I wanna be just like my big sissy!

I ordered 3....Oops!  One for mommas key chain to match Poppy.

One for Mommas desk to match Poppy.

And one for my collar.  #happyandhairless #twins #sistersforever  This one even has my name on the back.  

Santana Wilborn Designs on Etsy is the absolute best.  I wasn't sure if the charm size would fit mommas phone number but she checked and said it would.  Then I couldn't decide which fonts so I told her pick the cutest one.  She didnt she picked 3  so each one is unique!!! I LOVE 'em so does momma!

Here is mommas keyring with our new ear tag charms beside our microchip tags.  

Up close. 

Here is our tags on mommas desk.  EEK so cute!!!

Last but not least the official collar photo.  Matching Biothane collars and matching ear tag dog tags!  


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