Saturday, September 16, 2023

I Ran Away Again...and Again

 So I was conversing with the neighbor pups as momma was getting ready to go on errands.  Since "I wasn't listening and being a bad girl for borking", momma then opened the gate, let Cora out and got the car loaded.  When she came back for me...Cora hopped out of the car thinking we were going back inside.  Momma turned around to tell her to stay and I saw my chance.  I bolted.  I needed a good run through the alley leash free anyhow.  Check on the other alley gremlins.  Momma loaded up Cora and they sped down the alley to catch me.  

I took a left turn in an attempt to thwart capture.

But the smell of a rogue squirrel caught my nose...and well momma opened her door and offered a treat.  So I hopped in.

In a related note that was unable to be captured....While momma was down with her pinched nerve, doggy nanny brough over some supplies and well Granpa left the gate open for Doggy Nanny and I saw my opportunity again and headed for freedom.  I was caught just moments later.  Momma hugged me and shook her finger in my face.  Rude. 


*Wild Spirit at heart*

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