Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Return of the Fleas

 So it happened on a Friday night.  I was sitting on the bed next to sissy and momma called me over to "pamper" me.  Brush my hair, check my ears and so on.  Well as she was brushing the furs on my head she saw fleas.  And not just like 15 or more.  Only on my head though.  

I was whisked away and drowned in the sink with dish soap.  It was not fun.  10/10 DO NOT recommend.  But the fleas were gone.  But they had already caused a pretty sever allergic reaction.  I got some meds in a meat ball and that was good.  But didn't make up for the drowning.  We pawed on the phone and ordered me a Bravecto.  Sissys is still good from last month.  So just lil ol me needed it.  We arrived bright and early to the clinic.  Yes ma'am we pawed an rx though the mobile app cause my sissy has *whispers* fleas *whispers*.  Poppy don't say that.  They are gone now.  Youre embarrassing me!

To spare my sissy the embarrassment I hopped in the front to pay and finish check out. Yes ma'am that is all.  

We got bravecto again.  It lasts for 3 months.  This should keep me and Cora flea free till the fall when them nasty bugs die.  

Im so embarrassed.  

No body like a flea ridden puppy dog.  *Que the sad music*


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