Saturday, August 18, 2018

A Furcut, An Oil Change and Errands

Hello furiends!  August has arrived and on the 8th it was grooming day for me!  I was getting quite furry in the face!  Here is my before photo.

Now at this point I got dropped off so I shall let Sister Poppy take over.


Hello furiends, it's me Poppy!  After we dropped off  Lucy I got the whole carseat to my self.  I must admit its quite calmer in the car wif just me and momma.

I might have even fallen asleep.

The next stop on our morning of errands was the VET!!!!  EEK momma sure likes this place.  She's already brought me here twice.  Momma assured me its just paperwork that needed to be done no pokes.  We had to drop off Lucy's heartworm test so she could get an RX filled and get a copy of my heartworm test results for my doggie book.  Yep momma's building me one just like Lucy's.  This vet visit was quick and easy.  I like that!

On the way out we got hit wif a drop or two of rain.  But it stopped as quickly as it started.

After the vet our last stop was to the car vet.  Seems the Murano Mobile needed an oil change.  I liked people watching and getting to sniff around.  Although one male hooman came over and it kinda scared me and I may have barked at him.  But there is no evidence so it may not have happened.  :)

Once the car was done we got in the car and momma caught my disgruntled face.

2 hours is a long time to wait for a car to get checked the the car vet.

 I needs another nap now.

We went home and took a wee little nap and then the phone rang it was the grooming salon saying Lucy was ready.  When momma got her back in the car I feared she brought out the wrong sister.  My sister has long comfy curly fur this dogs been scalped!

I kept sniffing her to see if it was truly her.

 Color me confused.  I am still not convinced.


Then we got into bitey face, so it must be my Lucy,  while momma ordered sno in a cup.

She got pink bubblegum to match our outfits but didn't share this time by the way.  How rude!

Here's Lucy's official after grooming pic.  And I'm still suspicious.

Anyway....It was fun getting some one on one time wif momma and learning bouts running errands and such.  I feel like a big girl now.

Sister Smooches,
Lucy and Poppy


  1. Poppy, I'm with you on those skeery male peeps. Some of them are pretty nice eventually, but I need to get to know them. And OMD, Lucy, you look SO PRETTY after you furcut!! I wonder if I can get my ears to do that..?

  2. BOL Poppy - she duz look different! Very pretty though!

  3. Oh my! Lucy, you were quite floofy! You both girls look lovely.