Thursday, August 23, 2018

Poppy's Spay Recovery

We are one day post surgery. Here is Poppy's recovery kit.  A bully stick for chewing, a onesie to remind her to not bother her stitches, a sleeper in case she needs more of a reminder, and a soft cone as a last resort.

I member my spay onesie.  It was quite a big help!  

Anyhoo...Tuesday after the pickup at the vet Doggy Nanny sent a text to momma that said to just take Poppy home and she would bring me home.  That Doggy Nanny is such a kind person!  She also said that Poppy doens't need to ride home with a monkey...umm...what ever could she mean?!?!?! Another mystery we will never know the answer to. When I got home Poppy was looking and sounding just awful sad.  If she moved she cried the littlest pitiful-ist cry I ever did hear.  I gave her kisses while momma made up a magical feel better treat.  She ate it no issue.

 She got some rest that evening.  That night after surgery poor Poppy had an upset tum tum from the anesthesia.  The Vet Tech warned us of this. Momma spent most of the morning cleaning up.  After that Poppy did her business, ate some brekkie, and went back to napping.  We took it easy Wednesday and Thursday (momma had both days off so Poppy didn't have to be at day care when she was just out of surgery).  By Thursday afternoon/evening she was getting a little spunk back in her step and when we were in mommas lap she reached over and bit me on the neck (to try and start bitey face).  Momma put a big halt to that but it was good to see her feeling better.

Nurse Lucy 


  1. Ohhhh, I wish I'd had a onesie instead of that darned cone! Sorry to hear Poppy had an upset tummy, but I'm glad she seems to be feeling better!

  2. What a great sister you are Lucy! Keep taking such good care of Poppy!