Thursday, August 9, 2018

The Case of the Missing Tag & One Naughty Poppy

I.D. Tags are important, even if your microchipped, so momma purchased Poppy a name tag that matched mine.  The silver oval from Lucky Pet Tags.  It arrived it was beautiful no puppy toofer marks like mine.  Pristine condition.  We put it on her collar and it looked great.   Of course momma wanted to take pictures.  The next day momma carefully removed the tag from Poppy's collar, set it down and went to gather supplies.  In the time it took her to get up, grab the camera and Poppy....The tag literally grew legs and walked away.  I helped momma search efurrywhere.  It was nowhere to be found.  The next night something shiny caught her eye.  It was the tag.  I bet it fell on or near a toy and it was kept hidden when we were searching.  She was so happy she did a jig! We put off the photo shoot till momma's next day off.  :)

<Insert cute picture of Poppy's paws on the table next to her adorable non chewed up tag>
<Error: Read Message from the Momma Below>


Update: So after the miraculous find, I reattached the tag to Poppy's Collar.  I was so happy to have it back.  The next evening when we got home I went to take her collar off  and noticed she chewed her tag beyond readability at day care.  Naughty  Poppy!  She's like Lucy in that she doesn't like thing tapping her when she walks.  SO she chewed it to try and get it off.  I went online to order a new one and noticed that Lucky Pet Tags has a warranty "even if chewed" and will replace the tag free of charge.  Poppy's LUCKY!  She received only a sever finger wagging for this occurrence.  :)  Hopefully in the next few days the tag will arrive. Here's the damage done.

Until then I have her microchip tag and city license back on her collar but in a effort to preserve their readability from my <insert sarcasm here> *adorable* teeny tot </end sarcasm> I came up with this...

Vet wrap....for naughty pups that chew wrap.  That is all!

The Momma

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