Friday, August 10, 2018

New Furniture & Socializing Poppy

A friend of Aunt Brenda's is moving out of state to be near family...sounds familiar!  Since the place she is going is furnished, she needed to sell her current furniture.  Momma has been wanting to fix up our living room to make it more homey and nice.  So we hopped at the opportunity to get some of the items. 

Since Poppy joined the pack and we pulled out the living room tv from storage for her we needed a tv stand.  And Miss Mary had the perfect one for our living room.  Saturday morning Poppy, Doggy Nanny and momma loaded up in the pick up and headed for down town.   Momma said Poppy needed some socialization so she got to go. I stayed back to play wif Aunt Gracie. Here is Poppy getting her picture taken by some of Mary's neighbors.  She sported her jam jams cause the sun was super hots!

After loading up the tv stand, momma couldn't get the kitchen nook out of her mind.  It would be nice to have the extra counter space and its super slim and will fit in the apartment with out taking up much room. 

When momma got home, we unloaded the items & I hopped up for a quick photo.  Yep its perfect!!!!

Sister Smooches,
Lucy & Poppy


  1. New furniture are always fun to sniff!

  2. Ooo my goodness that shirt is way too cute! Perfect for the summer time vibes. Loved seeing this! Thanks for the share, have a fantastic weekend. Keep up the posts.
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