Thursday, August 16, 2018

One Frustrated Doggie Momma - Tag-Mageddon 2018

Hello readers, I am taking over the blog today as neither of the girls are confessing to the mystery of the chewed tags.  As you saw in yesterdays post Lucky Pet Tags sent us a warranty replacement for the chewed up name tag.  Well that was delivered on a Saturday.  My next work day Sunday I arrived to pick up my darling dogs and found Poppy's tag was chewed to smithereens.  See photo below.  The vet wrap was casually tossed in the floor and found by the couch. I retrieved it for memory sake to put in her doggie book.  :)

Now both Doggy Nanny and I have seen Poppy bite her tags (although never leaving a mark when I catch her biting it).  But we have also seen Lucy biting her tags during bitey face time.  That time there was vet wrap on her license/microchip tag so no damage done.   So we have two cuprits and two destryed tags.  The first week Poppy was here she wore Mollies old tag and never bothered it.  Now that her and Lucy into Bitey Face and playing together more, tags are going down in record number.  So my next step is putting a metal tag on Poppy to deter chewing from either party.  After that I will have to go to bitter spray.  Until then I will not be reordering any more tags and sparing them a painful death and me my sanity.

The Momma

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