Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Time to Re-Order Heartworm Prevention - #ChewyInfluencer - Chewy Online Pharmacy Review

My my, where has the time gone.  Seems like it was just yesterday I picked up my 6-pack heartworm preventative at the vet clinic and I only have two tablets left.  Now that I am thinking about it, that was back in the spring time.  Its practically fall now!  Instead of braving the HOT sun here, I decided to paw over to Chewy.com on the iPad to order my medication. 

Can you believe Chewy.com has a pharmacy?  That is the bomb!  Here is the Pharmacy page.  They offer heartworm preventative, flea/tick preventative, pain relief, and a variety of other medications.  Practically anything you could ever need!

I did a quick search, found my brand of Heartworm Preventative Sentinel...

... added the green pack (11-25 lb) and headed for check out.

It is marked on the item page if an rx is needed.

Also in the check out you are alerted if a prescription is needed. .

For prescriptions you have to create your pet profile and its saved for future use.  In the profile it asks for name, date of birth, weight, dogtor, clinic, and allergies.   Here you also mark if you are mailing in the prescription or if you would like Chewy.com to handle the paperwork

Date ordered 7-27-18.  In all it took me 10 minutes.  Way less time than even just waiting in traffic to get to the vet.

Now I can kick back and relax!

I'll leave you here for now, save this post, and when the order arrives give a quick pupdate.




Pupdate: The only hiccup we experienced was on our vets side.  They didn't have my heartworm test results on file.  We are new at this vet as of this year and I had a heartworm test before I got setup with the clinic.  Chewy let us know of the issue and worked with us to save the order while we worked to get the vet the paperwork needed in order to get the prescription.


Pupdate Time!  The package arrived! 

Ooh its a pretty baby blue Chewy.com mailer!

My honest thoughts...overall the process was quick and simple! I love that the Chewy Pharmacy will contact the vet for us, that makes things even easier.  Prices are competitive, in my case the exact same as my vet's office.  Shipping is only $4.95 unless your order is over $49 then its free!   We will definitely will be utilizing this service in the future.  It saved us gas, time and an outing in the heat.  That leaves more time to practice tricks, get in a few rounds of bitey face and to play tug tug!  Next time I go to day care I have to tell Doggy Nanny bouts this.  She lives further away from the vet than we do and this would be perfect for her and Aunt Gracie!


Disclaimer: This product was received in exchange for the honest review of the service.  

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