Wednesday, August 22, 2018

ABANDON at the Vet Hospital - Spay Day 2018

Hi Friends, Poppy here.  So life has been pretty good to me since moving to Texas.  However things took a frightening turn when momma and Lucy took me to the vet early Tuesday morning.  Upon arrival momma said "check in for Poppy".  Why you check me in?  I'm no library book!   Momma took a picture in the waiting room and dis is my skeptical face.  Something doesn't smell right here.

Lucy was of NO help...She was distracted by the maltese next to us.

A few moments later we were called back to the exam room and saw a vet tech.  They talked of anesthesia, bloodwork, and "options".  Do I have to work?  I don't know "work"!

Then the tech took me and momma's cell phone to the back.  He stuffed me in a kennel and took my picture.  Rude!

Then he returned the phone to momma and I heard her say in the distance

"Lucy lets go".....and they LEFT WITHOUT ME.  Earlier this year I was hospitalized with mastitis and had to stay multiple days in a vet clinic.  I was afraid that this would turn out the same way.

Things didn't get better after they left.  The nurses stole me blood, poked me in da tooshie and left me in a kennel.  After that I got a lil sleepy.

Since I was a little out of it Lucy helped me create a very dramatic re-inactment.

When I woke up I had a boo boo on me tum tum and didn't feel very good.

Eventually momma came to break me outta that place.  I was so excited to see her.  However she brought that funny head dress that I most certainly do not like.  How am I supposed to take care of my boo boo wif that on my head?

As soon as i hit the carseat I was feeling awful tired and decided it was nap time.

Between naps Lucy explained what happened.  Seems momma made this appointment weeks ago and didnt' bother to tell either of us what was going on.  I had a "spay" surgery.  That means I no longer will be able to have puppies.  Thats kind of a good thing, it didn't work out last time so well for me.  Lucy says soon as my boo boo heals I'll be good as new and back to bitey face.

Sleepy Smooches,


  1. Ohhhhh, Poppy, I feel your pain!! I just got my cone off last week! Be careful not to touch your stitches no matter HOW much you want to, or you'll have to go BACK to the vet, take lots of meds, and have to wear the cone non-STOP!