Thursday, January 30, 2020

BTS of Photo Shoot Day

It begins wif baffs.   We had to get wet, soap-ed and conditioned.  Its a long tortuous 8 minute task.  I got cuddled up  post baff and my hair air dried like this.  #MessyHairDontCare

Meanwhile momma pulled out all the "accessories" needed for photos.  Collars, leashes, certificates and products.

Once at our shoot location momma strips us of unneeded things like our house collars and sweaters.

Pulls out the comb and treats.

And relays in what order we are doing our photos.

I try and listen but mostly I think abouts the treats I am about to recieve.  I am licking my lips cause she brought the liver treats this time!  Yum Yum!

Once done we pack it all up, put on our house collars and head out.  All in a days work.

Lucy and Poppy

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