Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Car Seat Switch

As you may have noticed a trend on the blog my sisfur Lucy has a bad habit of sitting on the carseat sides thus breaking them down. We tried rotating the carseat but it never fit quite right in the seat if turned sideways or backward.  So Doggy Nanny offered us a switch to the old big car seat that can sit sideways (with the low part on Lucy's side next to momma) and hopefully prevent my sisfur from breaking down the side.  Doggy Nanny will take our current one and we will install it in the back seat where it can have the side against the door for added support so Gracie can still see out when she goes bye bye but it won't take up her whole back seat.  Its going to be a win win for everyone we hope!

Fully installed this one feels good!

Room for Lu to sit and watch either way (outside the front or outside mommas window) and room for me to lay down and sleep without being disturbed.

Lucy and Poppy

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