Tuesday, January 28, 2020

I Won Again!!!! (Embark DNA Test Package Opening and Swab)

First my NTD, then the lottery now an EMBARK test!  2020 is my year fur sure!!!!

I won an Embark test. And by golly it arrived here lick-ity split.  Get it lick-ity....BOL BOL BOL!!!!

Here is everything that came in my package. Swab, instructions, and secure mailer.

I can't wait to see if the results from Embark match my original DNA test from Wisdom Panel.  Or will it reveal I am part gremlin, house rat, and greyhound?!?!?!?

Alright I remember dis from last time.  I am ready for my swab momma.

Not as bad as last time.  Momma got it all sealed up, shaken up and repackaged.

Now lets get this mailed off.

Can't wait to get my results.


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