Friday, January 3, 2020

Earning My NTD - My First Title - In My Own Poppy-fied Way

Around the house (or even at Doggy Nanny's house) I know my tricks....all of them.  I quite enjoy doing them because I get lots of cuddles, praise and num nums.   Every time we would get close to scheduling with the evaluator  momma would get nervous.  Then in turn I would freak out and refuse to do tricks.  Not to mention just thinking out all the peoples and dogs that would be around making me nervous....ya know they would all be totally suspicious!   I am not bomb proof like Lucy.  Maybe one day but definitely not today!  A few weeks ago momma heard about "Do More with Your Dog" in a dog training group on Facebook.  Pawrents can film their tricks for evaluation online by a Spark Evaluator (CDI) and earn the title.  Titles from DMWYD are recognized by AKC so it would transfer and I would have letters after my name in both registries.  This way momma and I could both be at ease and show off my trick skills.  Without further ado....Here is my video:

We filmed, edited and uploaded 1-1-2020.  After it was uploaded we shared it to "Take a Chance Novice Trick and Canine Condition Spark Team" group on facebook.  CDI Tess Starr reviewed my video and had this to say:

Thank You Tess Starr for reviewing my video and granting me the title.

We submitted my application online to DMWYD...

...and I just can't wait for the Poppy-Mail to arrive.  Till then I'll be right here.

Poppy NTD