Thursday, January 23, 2020

Cold Lunch Date and A Furcut

I just love getting whisked away at lunch time for a little one on one time wif momma before going to visit my favorite groomers at Margots.

But first lunch!

Lunch was great.  We have arrived at our final destination.

Leashed up and ready to go.

Activate speedy poodle leggies!

Hi fren!  Long time no see!

5 pm rolled around and momma arrived to pick me up.

When she came into the shop I wasn't quite ready.  Miss Pat was helping groom this big boy.

Isn't he dreamy?!?!?  Can you spot me?  Hint: I am on the left above the cookie jar.

So Miss Pat could finish my cut without me acting like a wild banshee  intruption, momma went back to the MM to wait for me.  I am ready now here I come momma!!!!!

New Fur cut modeling!  Got that texas sized top knot, ears and bracelets!  I feel FABULOUS.

Alright lets go get Poppy...I have sure missed her!



  1. You look gawjuss, Lucy! I don't have to have fancy grooming like that, but we DID go in to the salon the other day for me to get a quick pawdicure. It was nice to get fussed over.

  2. Lucy, you look gorgeous. We just love the excitement when arriving groomers. Miss Pat does a wonderful job and she had a big customer also that day. Thanks for sharing. Have a fantastic rest of your day.
    World of Animals