Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Send a Little Cheer - AKC's Pup Pals Program

Momma is furiends with Mrs. Caroline, the AKC judge from my first scent work trial, and she shared a link to the AKC Pup Pals program.  Here is the official statement from the AKC:

"Do you know of a child that needs cheering up? AKC Education knows the power that canines have to bring joy and comfort to people.  The AKC PupPals Program seeks to provide children with a note from a canine friend just when they need it most."

 I love making people happy so when we read what this program does I knew I had to pawticipate.  Per the website any dog of any breed/age can join and can fill out the form located here.  They ask for your dogs basic info like name and breed.  As well as 3 facts about your dog (like favorite snack or favorite activity).  I got mine in right away and hope it will bring joy to someone or someones!   

Me too Lucy Me Too!

A couple of days later we got a surprise in the mail.  It was a bandanna and certificate of participation in the program.  Thank You AKC!  These will go right in our binders.  

For our official hastag photos we posed here.

Lucy you make this look so easy.  I think I have it....almost there...


May I has treats now? Modeling is exhausting!!!

Lucy and Poppy

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  1. Lucy and Poppy what a wonderful program to be apart of. This is so beautiful for these kids. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals