Friday, January 31, 2020

Car Wash Time

When she got her oil changed she received 2 free car wash passes.  We thought about it and discovered that the Murano Mobile hasn't been washed since March of 2017 almost 3 years.  It was washed last back in KY the day I got my first furcut.  Thats a long time to go without a washing.  Tsk Tsk Momma.  You would think with as much as she washes us she would wash her car the same...NOPE!    So we are gonna clean the MM up and get her feeling tip top!

Um momma....why are we not getting out of the car?  If we go in the tunnel we are sure to get WET!!!!!!!!!!

OH NO Here comes the SOAP!!!!  Duck Poppy DUCK!

Oh my thats a big scrub brush.

And they are hitting the car furry hard.

More soap?

Yea the car definitely needed a second soaping.

Ahh the rinse.  We can see again.

Oh my what on earth is that noise?

Mega dryers.  Look the water is just being whisked right off.

Cool...but kinda suspicious.  Pop do you agree.  Yes Lucy furry suspicious!

Thanks All American!  Our MM looks brand new.

Lucy and Poppy

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