Thursday, April 26, 2018

#ChewyInfluencer Eukanuba Beef and Vegetable Stew - Canned Dog Food Review

Welcome Furiends!  I am live from Doggy Nanny's house for a Chewy Review.  I or should I say WE are trying out Eukanuba's Beef and Vegetable Stew.  Let's look at the Key Benefits before I reveal my special guest.

Key Benefits
  • High-quality beef protein and essential amino acids help build and maintain strong, lean muscles.
  • Real vegetables add great flavor and natural nutrients he’ll love.
  • Scientifically advanced for peak performance with an optimal balance of nutrients to promote healthy weight.
  • Rich in antioxidants to help support your dog's immune system and keep it strong.
  • Can be used as a complete meal or an enticing topper over dry kibble.

And now to introduce my special guest taste tester!!!!!!  AUNT GRACIE!!!!!!

We got our bowls and before momma could say "on your mark, get set and go" we dug right in!!!!

There was intense eating going on here. 

We circled the bowls to ensure no bite was left behind and even removed kibbles to ensure no drop of stew was missed!

Just as we finished a rogue squirrel decided he would play in our front yard.  Oh no you don't!!!!


Ok I am back, the squirrel is gone and we can resume the blog.  For the Eukanuba Beef and Vegetable Stew both Gracie and I give it a 5 (*****) rating.  The beef was tender the vegetables were delectable and the gravy was smashing!!!!!  We both highly reccomend this as a kibble topper to make any dinner special. 

Check out this product at and while you are there check out the entire line of Eukanuba canned dog food.  There are more flavor combinations than I can count on my paws!!!!


Disclaimer: I was sent this product for my honest review.