Wednesday, April 18, 2018

For Kong The Magic Number is 3!

They say all good things come in 3's.  Well when I was offered the opportunity to review a 3-pack of Kongs, I said YES YES YES Please! 

For those who may not know Kongs are rubber toys that have a slot inside for treats.

We all have busy lives.  There are golf cart rides to take, pawrents have to work, and there are always squirrels to chase.  That means limited time in the to do stuff each and everyday. Kong came up with a cute motto: 1. Play Today, 2. Freeze for Later, and 3. Wash for Tomorrow. 
 Here is my favorite Kong recipe.  I have baby food (green beans, turkey and/or ham), crunchy bones, Healthy Extentions heart shaped treats and some soft treats. 

Here is one momma just filled.

Once filled the Kong small fits nicely in the silver condiment cups from Sams Club and momma pops it in the freezer. 

Meanwhile we had one getting chilled.  Oh my is that cheese I spy with my little poodle eye? 

Why yes, yes it is!

OH MY DOG!!!!  This is pawsome!

Once it goes through my canine pre-wash its ready for the dishwasher. 


Disclaimer: I was sent these products to test by in exchange for my honest review.