Monday, April 23, 2018

Loosing my Carseat, Organizing my Collars, and Tug Tug

Saturday, was all cloudy and rainy so no golf cart rides were taken.  Color me sad but since that was the day the yaptop cord arrived it did give me time to get caught up on blogging.  So here are some fun photos from the phone.

When in the car momma says I whine, bounce around, and get anxious.  No momma, its excitement hoping to get to go to Aunt Gracies!!!  Well she thought of  different things to get me to calm down and well nothing worked.  If she gave me a chewy I chewed them on the edge of the carseat and throw them in the floor resulting in her having to pick them up constantly.  We can't really do obedience/clicker training when she is driving.  And if she were to crate me well lets just say her ear drums would probably burst so that would not be a good idea while driving.  So her final attempt was made while we were in the pick up line at walmart.  Yep she de-carseated me!  As the carseat went flying into the back of the MM a number of things were found.  My harness, the mail, and a large collection of chew chews.  Seems I am a hoarder!

The car ride home, in mommas words, was peaceful.  I must agree.  I could chew as I pleased and when them darn chews jumped in the floor I could retrieve them myself with no help required. 

While at walmart we got the usual grocery items but the last bag had something special.  Momma said its to help her stay organized.  My doggie closet (she wouldn't even let me take a picture its so bad) is a mess.  Mainly due to too much stuff....but when we pull a box out its hard to get it back in the stack without moving a ton more stuff.  So we got a little cart with shelves to keep the boxes we get into the most.

Now my collar/harness boxes will have their own shelf and they can be put away easier instead of stuffed at the bottom of the closet.  This is as far as we have gotten so far but will be working on it more soon.

Last but not least momma snapped this pic of me bringing her my tug tug.  This is our nightly routine.  While she is cooking dinner and picking up we play tug tug/fetch.  Right now my favorite toy is my easter worm. 



  1. I read abouts the yap-top cord incident ~ oops! heheheee Butts wowsa! That is pawsome you gets to chew when you;re in the car! I chew too, butts it's usually the roll of paper towels Ma TRIES to stash in MY back cab of MY truck. she's always amazed when I find them. (yeah, she's a little slow on the uptake...)
    All around, you've had some fun times!
    Ruby ♥

  2. Organizing your closet is impawtant! We're still figuring out where all of our stuff goes at the new house.