Sunday, April 29, 2018

I'm Still Working on my Manners

Yesterday morning we got up furry early, I got on my most spring-ee harness and we headed to Petsmart.  Momma said we were going to do some window shopping and work on my manners again.  Oh boy click-n-treats!!!!! As I stated on my fb page.  I was hitting about 50/50.  When people ooh and aah at me its hard to sit still, however,  #practicemakesprogress you gotta practice all da time.

After Petsmart we went to the grocery pick up line at walmart.  Then we went Golf Cartin!  While at the park we worked on stay.  Momma was furry proud especially since there were squirrels and barking dogs in every direction.  #focusedpoodle


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