Friday, April 6, 2018

Earning My Badge of Bravery - Texas Edition!

PSA from Nurse Lucy: Vaccinations and annual exams help keep pets healthy.  Check with your local Veterinarian to find the right vaccine protocol for your pet. 

April is here and that means I am due for my annual exam and vaccinations.  So we were off to Colonial Park Vet Hospital.

When we got out of the car I was not feeling brave!

However once I got in the office I felt better.  The waiting room was calm and quiet.  There were lots of friendly peoples and a sweet Boston Terrier.

When I heard my name called I followed the nurse to the back.  I got weighed on the big dog scale.  I am now 11.8/12 (I couldn't contain my excitement from meeting the nurse and couldn't sit still).  Goodness me, I have gained 1 pound since February.  The nurse put me in Exam Room 2.  We talked about what vaccines were due, what I wanted engraved on my Rabies Tag and told her about my limpee-leggie.  She took notes and said the Dogtor would be right in to see me. 

As I waited I checked out the things in the room. 

Look my dogtor has a certificate too!  How neat!

Eek, enlarge to see this better.  This is a fake heart with heartworms.  Look how they clog the structure of the heart making it hard to pump blood.  Momma told me we are going to try the new product this office offers called Sentinel.  She said it will be easier to take.  Its a tiny pill not a huge "chewable" tablet.  Ok we will have to see about that.

I hear voices and sounds like they are close! 

Today we got to meet Dr. Wurster. He was very nice!  He preformed my exam.  During the exam he checked my knees and that made me tinkle, oops!  He said that my knee cap is slipping out of place causing the muscles to tighten.  He said if I have a severe limp (like every day) or it affects my daily activities (not wanting to walk and play) then we can look at pain management options.  Then if that failed to help then surgery would be the next step.  But both of those are a long way off since they isolated incidents.  Mainly when I get to playing too rough.  He also said the GCM chewables I have are a good option to help my leggie feel better.  He even recommended another brand Cosequin that is higher strength that might help me more.  Other than that I was in tip top shape. After the exam he pulled out the vaccines.  He did the Bordetella first.  Then I got my parvo/distemper booster and rabies booster.  And guess what I didn't even cry!!!!!  When they let me go I wasn't upset and just went over and sat wif momma on the bench.  I got lots of neck scratches for being so good!!!!!  Dr Wurster brought in a fake knee to show us what exactly was happening in my leg.  The knee cap is slipping out of the groove and that pulls the muscles in front of and behind the knee in an awkward way causing them to tighten.  Before he left he also mentioned the flu vaccine.  He said its becoming more prevalent and that as of right now our area is not at high risk but in the future the grooming salons may start requiring it and we can discuss that when the time comes. 

Upon check out I got a box of Sentinel and my Badge of Bravery.  Isn't it just the cutest?!?!?!  Plus it has my name on it and everything!  Oh boy!  Now I am good for my Rabies vaccine for 3 whole years.  That is just the best thing evers!

Now I have to take my paperwork out to Animal Services and renew my license but I'll save that for another day.  I need to go take a nap!!!



  1. OMD, Lucy, I didn't realize how tiny you were! You're the same size as my kitty sister Pigeon! I'm glad that you were so brave for the dogtor, and I hope you like the Sentinel stuff.

  2. What a brave girl you are Lucy!! We miss our Texas Rabies tags...we love how they are shaped like the state!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty