Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Good Friday Turned into Super Saturday

This past Friday, good Friday, while momma was at work we heard a knock at the door.  It was Uncle Wayne and Aunt Martha!!!!  They live in East Texas and came fur a visit.

Gracie was not so sure bouts getting lovin but I sure didn't mind taking her lovin too!

As Doggy Nanny started to get up Gracie hopped to the safety of Aunt Lynettes lap.  Shes super scared of visitors.

All the hugs, cuddles and kisses wore me out.

Saturday morning we headed out to Doggy Nannys  house for a quick golf cart ride before everyone arrived for the pizza pawty!  Momma brought the training bag and we worked on my greeting manners.  Staying calm, not peeing, and not jumping.  It was hard work but well worth the effort!!!!  I got lots of click-n-treats.  Momma said she is super proud of how well I did even off leash as people came and went.  :)

It was furry tiring but I napped. :)

Then the pizza arrived!

But momma dished out new chew chews and I was more than happy to go chew than beg for pizza bones.

However Aunt Kim on the left was quite generous and after I finished my chew and slipped me some goodies!!!!!

Then I found Gracie's chewchew.  She wasn't interested in chewing so I helped her out.

Aunt Gracie spent most of her time under the table hiding.  People came in two by two and it was too much for her to handle.

She did make a quick run for Doggy Nanny's lap at one point.

We took a little nap together.

But then Doggy Nanny moved to the table she resumed her spot there too.  This photo is of Gracie staying standing but sleeping on the foot of the table.  Poor girl!

As everyone left she stayed by the door watching to make sure no one else came in.

It was a grand day for me!  I love seeing and meeting new family!  Shout out to Uncle Wayne, Aunt Martha, Aunt Kim, Uncle Dave, Aunt Lynette, Aunt Brenda and cousins Michael and Masyn.  I hope we can all get together again soon!


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