Sunday, April 8, 2018

Renewing My City License

Now that I have had my rabies vaccine I have to renew my license.  In the state of Texas since the rabies was a 3 year vaccine, my new license will be good for 3 years as well.  Thats fantastic!!!

Momma you did remembers to bring the paperwork right?  Oh ok, good!

No your eyes do not deceive you I am wearing my hoodie.  It was a brisk 27 degrees when we ventured out yesterday morning.  I believe mother nature has her months mixed up.  Seriously! 

Anyhoo, WF Animal Services makes the process totally easy and we were done in a matter of minutes.  Of course we had to stop and take a quick pic!  Then I found the secret entrance to the reception ladies and went in to say hello.  They were so nice!!!!

I got a new taggie to wear and a new license number. 

THANKS WF Animal Services!


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