Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Odds N Ends

Hello furiends, here is a collection of a few odds n ends that have happened the past few days.  The sweet lady neighbor in apt a moved out a few weeks ago.  Well guess what we have been seeing lights on inside, hearing things move, and then BAM pineapples!  Yep we officially have a new neighbor.  We haven't seen or met them yet but hopefullly soon. 

We were out running errands on Saturday when we stopped at Chick-fil-a for a bone and a burrito when this happened.  So the window decided to stop working (It would roll down but not up) and of all mornings it was 27 degrees and windy.  It made for an uncomfortable ride home. 

Monday Mr Mac's said they could squeeze us in and fix the bum window.  Turns out the motor in the automatic gear turney part broke.  (#notmyfault) We did have to do a drop off and thankfully Doggy Nanny and Gracie were able to come pick us up so momma could still go to workies.  Then I got to go to day care!  #bestmonday

Speaking of Monday, that was April 9th and Grandpas birthday!  I searched long and hard to find the perfect card and boom!  Yep #IReallyAmAFox

Recently theres been an increase in birds and bird activity in the complex.  That means spring is on the way right?!?!?!!? I sure hope so.

Last but not least momma caught this pic this morning.  We ran to get coins so we could do laundry and were stopped at the light and I watched hoping the lady in the car next to us would come say hello.  Unfortunately the light turned green before she could come over.  Momma says I do this all the time. 

(Side Note, sorry no pics: Recently we were stopped at a 4 way light on our way to Doggy nanny's and the van in the lane to our right got out of his car to get something out of the trunk and boy I got super tail wagging-ly excited and just knew he was coming to see me.  But our light turned green before he could get over to our car.  Momma says its hard being an introvert with an extrovert dog. BOL  Momma everyone is our furiend you know! )



  1. Da window would stop working on a 27 degree day, wouldn't it? BRRR!

  2. You are such a cutie pie Lucy I bet everyone wants to say hello to you as well!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx