Friday, June 12, 2020

Dog Gear

We are always interested in what everyone uses for dog gear.  Which items you find the most useful.  Here is our dog gear set up.

Lucy's Leash Collar and Tags
Purple Pu Leather collar and leash are from eBay.  The leash is a 4 ft leash which is perfect for outings and doesn't allow the girls to get tangled.  Pretty much any time we leave the apartment complex grounds I use these leashes.
Smiley face tag from Lucky Pet Tags Link Here

Poppy's Collar (For any time we are leaving the apartment)
Pink Pu Leather collar and leash from the same eBay listing.
Double Sided Engraved Black Heart tag from Lucky Pet Tags Link Here

For walks around the apartment complex grounds we have our Flexi-Leads.  Found at any dog supply store these were actually passed down from Angel Mollie and are still in good shape.  (Please note we use them responsibly to ensure safety of us and those around us).  Attached to mine is our poop bag holder from Lil' Archies.  Link here  Which we love as its light weight and fits any size roll.  Its attached with a stretchy coil keychain.  Link Here  We like this type as it can be quickly removed from the flexi leash and attached to any leash or diaper bag.  

Attached to Poppy's Flexi-lead we have her muzzle.  It was a non-branded leather muzzle from eBay.  In the event we need to leave and our neighbors are on the porch momma slips Poppy's muzzle on to ensure she doesn't get over stimulated.  It is attached with the same coil keychain as our poop bag holder and can easily be switched over to any leash or diaper bag if needed. Poppy's Collar (For work week days when we are home alone)  Pink Hot Dog Collars - Yellow Dog Design w/ Custom Text Link Here

One change we have while we were taking pictures and editing this post is the coil key chains have been removed and a saddle bag has been attached to one leash in its place.  Now we keep my muzzle in one side and potty bags on the other.  Makes for much easier walkies.  

All zipped up.

Top view

If our errands require a harness we are still using and LOVE our DexDog Harnesses.  Link Here
For added security for Poppy the runaway queen. we have the over the collar id from Lucky Pet tags.  It is a plastic tag that Velcros on to the harness or collar.  So there is nothing dangling.  Link Here

Last but certainly not least are our tags.  The orange ones are 2018 Rabies Tags (TX only requires Rabies vaccination every 3 years).  The red one is our city license.  The id's are from Lucky Dog Tags.  

These items have stood the test of time for us and are our go to items.  Nothing here is sponsored these are truly our favorite and most used pieces.  

Lucy and Poppy

Note From The Momma: Please note I use flexi leads so that my girls can have a little freedom with their city living.  I keep an eye out for people so I can lock their leads when needed.  However we usually try an go out in the back yard during non busy times so they can sniff and explore in peace.  Flexi leads are controversial but I find them helpful in certain circumstances when used responsibly.  

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