Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Road Trip to Byers, TX

Doggy Nanny wanted to show us around Byers, a local small town.

It is a furry nice small town and we saw lots of doggies along the way. 

As we passed through town Doggy Nanny wanted to show momma the cemetary.  We have lots of family there.  As we entered the gates I barged my way up whilst trampling any one in my way asked Doggy Nanny nicely if I may have the pleasure of sitting with her so I can see better.  Of course she said Yes Lucy you may!

The views from up here were incredible!

While looking at the view this may or may not have happened.  (PS from momma - we were on a little trail in the cemetery when these photos were taken.  No other cars for miles.)

Yes momma, you need a photo.  OK CHEESE!

We found a spot to park and all exited the vehicle.

I was leashed but got lots of sniffing done.

Meanwhile Lucy was off leash and running free.  

Once done we caught up with Gracie. 

and Uncle Teddy.

We all got a slurp of water.  Thanks Aunt Net for bringing ice cold waters.

Post hydration I did some more sniffin.

Then momma said it was picture time.  

Momma I sniffin....Can't this wait????


Lucy's turn.

All too soon we heard the "load up" call from momma and Doggy Nanny.

That was fun we need to come splorin here again. 

Uncle Teddy and Aunt Gracie rode in Aunt Nets lap....

While Lucy tried to sneak into the front with Doggy Nanny.  Momma veto'ed that and we rode home in the back. 

All 4 of us slept the whole way home.  

Lucy and Poppy

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