Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Post Corona Ross Haul

Once momma heard Ross reopened she went right down.  Unfortunately the line was long (going all the way to TJMAXX it was some 15-20 people deep) due to the store limiting how many people could be inside at one time.  Momma skipped going in on day one and went a few days later.  

She was able to walk right in.  

They too had spring inspired items.  No mark downs or extra %'s off but she did find some goodies.  

Here is the haul.  (Note: the pink hoodie was  a different brand and didn't fit well and the collar ended up being too big so those were returned).  

We also made a tiktok for this as well.  At the end you will see me modeling the Crazy Hair Don't Care shirt.  It literally was made for me!!!!!


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