Friday, June 26, 2020

Snoopervising in the Yard W/ Uncle Teddy

I always start by the shed with my snoopervising.

Hi mama!

Then I make my way down the back fence line.

Lucy can you take over for a moment....

...I found a really stinky bug here and I need to rub my face upon it.

Alright I feel much better...lets get back to work.

Once I hit the end of the chain link fence we have come to the n side fence.  

Which is where I met up wif Uncle Teddy.

Come on Teddy snoopervise wif me.

Last but not least I make a final pass by where the hole in the fence used to be.  I loved spying...I mean checking on the neighbors through the hole.  But its been boarded up.  Drat!

Hope you enjoyed making the rounds wif us!

Lucy and Poppy

1 comment:

  1. Poppy, you are on point with your snoopervising everyday. Lucy is a great partner and we love that you want to spy on the neighbors. Just too funny. Thanks for sharing. Have a pawsome upcoming weekend.
    World of Animals