Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Favorite Chew by Petstages

A billion years ago (edit by momma: just shy of 3 years ago) when we made the epic journey from KY to TX momma built me a puppy bag of new toys.  One of those was a Petstages Elk Antler Chew.  By far it was my favorite of the bunch.  Once in TX it remained a favorite.  It did make the journey to Doggy Nannys house where it was well played with by me and Poppy.  But as Doggy Nanny has hardwood floors it was too loud and sent back home.  Once we had it back home momma noticed it was getting chewed down pretty far and when she was doing chores it was the first toy we sought out to keep ourselves entertained.  

Since it was a favorite and getting to the last stages of it usablitiy momma went online to order us a new one.  Sadly it seems to be discontinued.  They did have a similar one made of deer horn.  We decided to give it a try.

Momma unpackaged it....and its wrapper was just as difficult as the first ones was.  BOL.  Once open I gave it a grand ol sniff.  2.1 seconds later grabbed it and ran off.  This was the only pic momma could get.  I chewed for a while and Poppy got a turn.  We concur its just as good and slightly less heavy so thats a win win in our book.

Lucy and Poppy


  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I always am looking for new stuff to chew.

  2. Phod wishes he could chew things like that but due to dental damage he can't.