Sunday, June 14, 2020

Post Corona Burlington Haul

As the state of Texas reopened the retail stores did too.  First to open was Burlington and here is our haul.  Everything in the store was marked down and the pet section had an extra 25% off sale on top of that.

We got a 48 pack of dental chews $6.99 ($5.24 with discount) as well as 2 16 roll packs of potty bags $6.99 ea ($5.24 ea with discount).  

I got a this adorable pink tee that reads I'm so Eggstra.  Yep Eggstra cute!  (Or as momma said Eggstra fiesty)  $1.99 ($1.49 with discount)

Rumor has it all the products on the floor are from the early spring, an easter tee sure confirms that, and that they have been getting merchandise all throughout the the weeks of the closure so there will be more stuff out soon.  Oh boy!  

Poppy and Lucy

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