Thursday, June 11, 2020

FB Marketplace Deal - PetGear Stairs

While on break momma saw the 3 step pet stairs for sale on marketplace.  She messaged the seller right away.  Unfortunately she wasn't the first person in line.  However the seller mention he had a set of 2 steps that hadn't been listed if she wanted them.  She said yes.  Wif my bum knees she wants to keep stairs all over so I don't have to jump as much.  Well as the end of the day approached and she made plans to meet the seller she asked if the first buyer had finalized their purchase on the 3 step.  To our surprise he had not and the seller said we could get them too.  Momma negotiated a deal of $25 for both and it was accepted.  Boy oh boy!

Once unboxed both sets were a breeze to install. The pieces fit together kind of like legos.  

The are carpeted for better traction and the carpet pieces are removable for easy washing.  

 Both sets are furry sturdy as well.  

Poppy was cautious to approach but eventually later has used them multiple times with no trouble.  

Since we got both we decided to take the 2 step to Doggy Nanny's house for easy access to the dog bench.  

They are furry adequate! (tiktok reference bol)

Speaking of Tiktok here is our video.  

Lucy and Poppy

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