Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Poppy VS Cat - New Rules for Poppy

Well you know we have had an increase in cat activity around the complex.  Well one day the mean horrible smelly old cat was sitting between his apartment porch and mine just giving me the stink eye minding his own business.  (Update here is a photo of that stinky ol cat)

Well I couldn't take those evil eyes staring at me anymore and when momma was distracted on "pick up" duty I made a run for the cat.  I ran so fast and so hard that I literally broke and unsnapped my collar.  

Leaving me running wild with no id on again.  Momma ran Lucy back to the house and grabbed some bacon treats and came back out to get me.  I came running back without hesitation.  I had made my point to the cat and didn't want my momma to worry about me getting lost.  She picked me up, squeezed me tight and then started in on a lecture.  She was crying the whole time.  I felt guilty...really guilty.

Sorry momma...that cat was taunting me.  I couldn't help it.

So now when we are out walking around the complex I am forced to wear a harness that has double d rings over the buckle to prevent me getting loose. Momma this harness clashes wif my jam jams.  This is embarrassing!  

With Poppy recent incident Im always stuck waiting for her to get all her gear on. Sometimes  I wait so long I must sit....but my front paws are always  ready to run.  #sisterprobs

Lucy  and Poppy 

From the Momma: I have had a lot of emotions where Poppy's concerned lately.  Her angry barking at neighbors and attempted nipping.  Here busting her collar to chase a cat. I am putting in new training methods  to try and curb this behavior.    It would crush me if she were deemed a dangerous dog or was lost again.

When exiting the apartment I am making them back up and let me out first to check the area.  Then they can exit when they can walk out calmly.  

Making sure every time we walk around the back yard (potty breaks)  she is leashed on harness and not the collar.  

If people are on our shared back porch I muzzle poppy and or carry her.  

We are still working with re-directing her focus when people and animals walk by but unless I have treats that is not effective.  

When we are walking to the car to leave or going into stores I am focused on making the girls walk very close to me (loose leash at my side on a martingale collar/leather leash for quick corrections) and not letting them walk ahead.  

I have also been watching training videos on you-tube (since training centers are closed and its not safe to have trainers in our homes right now.  Thanks corona).  A big thing I have been guilty of is just letting them walk ahead so I can keep my eye on them.  As one trainer put it "if fearful dogs are ahead on walks they are scanning for "danger" or something they see as "danger" and will escalate into being over stimulated instead of focusing on you the handler and what you are wanting from them".   

So I ask for prayers and if you have any advise for us we surely welcome it.  


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  1. On the very furst walk Momma took Casey on, he freaked out over a motorcycle, pulled right out of his collar, and took off running. Momma managed to catch him -- barely -- and took him straight to the store to buy a harness. All of us have to wear harnesses for every walk thanks to Casey!!

    We'll cross our paws that Poppy shows some improvement.