Monday, August 29, 2022

1 Year in Biothane - Collar and Tag Update

 It has been a year since we went biothane only for our collars.  We couldn't be happier.  They clean up so easy, always look nice and the colors are vibrant.  We finally decided on some official tags for our pink/purple set and our yellow set.  We think each tag compliments the collar and collar color furry well.  

Yellow features our Crown and Star rainbow tags.  The crown and star represent our AKC registered names.

Pink/Purple features some artwork that describes our personalities.  Lucy has the rainbow circus poodle.  I have the pink balloon dog with the spike collar.  

We made new phone wallpapers for momma.  I am her home screen.

And I am her lock screen.

We highly recommend biothane collars and if you want to support a fabulous local business CSJ creations on Etsy has a fabulous selection of colors, designs and hardware to make anything you desire.  



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