Monday, August 22, 2022

Food Run and Running into Friends

 We were low on kibbles, yes a horrible situation but I digress, while momma was at work we called in a pick up order to petco.  Kibble accquired.

The whole way there momma was talking with someone on the phone.  It was a male friend she calls PB.  She seems to talk to him a lot as well as a couple of other male friends.  Hmm...anyhoo as we hit Kemp on our way home momma asked a silly question to her friend.  She said are you on Kemp right now?  He laughed and said yes.  We looked up ahead and would you believe this....he was right in front of us.  BOL  small world.  Mommas been saying that a lot lately.  We pulled up beside him at the light and waved.  

Once home we got a bowl of fresh kibbles and then were in for the night.  



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