Monday, August 29, 2022

Owies and Allergies

 Well I think fall has arrived here in Wichita Falls.  Momma noticed me licking my left paw again.  She of course had to inspect it and found the underside of my paw was red and irritated again.  None of my other paws are itchy just the left one.  It wasn't near as bad as last year but momma put me back on Apoquel.  I must admit just a couple days on Apoquel and my paw feels better.  (side note: mommas fb memories showed the exact same day last year is when I went to the dogtor for the same issue.)

While at Doggy Nannys momma noticed a little bump on my lip.  It really hasn't bothered me but mommas worried.  She said it has a small raw spot.   Shes keeping a close eye on it.  But will bring it up at my next dogtor visit unless it starts causing problems.  



Bonus Sky Pictures:

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