Monday, August 29, 2022

Happy Saturday With Gracie

 Momma made plans to see her Aunts and Uncle as well as NB on Saturday.  Of course as previously discussed we were able to stay with Doggy Nanny and Gracie!  Lets go momma!!!!

🎶 On the road again....da da da....on the road again!!!!! 🎶

Upon arrival Poppy went straight out on squirrel patrol...while I well...see for your self....

Yep happy doesn't even begin to describe the feeling when I walk in the door at Gracies!!!!

Momma said she had a great 3 hour visit with her Aunts and Uncle.  She learned a lot about her family history.  Unfortunately NB was sick so she didn't get to hang out with him.  However we went home and literally all crashed.  I fell asleep upside down in mommas arm while she rubbed my belly.  Per momma both Poppy and I were snoring so loud she couldn't hear her ipad.  I don't think i snore but whatevers. 


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