Monday, August 29, 2022

Aunts, Uncles and Babies Oh MY!!!!!

 Sunday was surely a funday!  We got to go to Gracies for the 2nd time in one weekend.  Moments later Net and Teddy arrived.  Momma caught the whole greeting.

Turns out Doggy Nannys son Uncle W and Aunt M were stopping by and bringing baby E for a visit.  We kept an eye out for them.

They are here!

Well Baby E is no longer a baby.  She is a walking talking toddler.  Oh boy she is a happy girl.  Just about as happy with life as I am!!!!   We were leashed at first to ensure every one was able to get inside and calm down.  After a bit momma let me down to play with Baby E.  She petted me and hugged me.  Poppy remained leashed and stayed with momma.  She was too overstimulated but all in all did ok.   She approached Aunt M and just sniffed her.  She also didn't bark when the grownups walked around or came near.  She only borked once when both kids were running.  

We did get a surprise visit from Grandpas daughter Aunt M and her grandson baby D.  He too is a walking talking toddler.  Baby E and Baby D really hit it off and played for quite some time.   I enjoyed following them around.   Baby E learned how to use our doggy door.  She learned quicker than Poppy...BOL!  

Momma said I was a very good girl.  I remained fairly calm and was good with the littles, allowing them to pet and hug me.   Aunt Net even said "man she really enjoyed the kids...maybe she needs a kid of her own".  Momma said NOPE not happening.  LOL  She says we are too much trouble let alone a 2 legged baby in the mix.  BOL



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